Most of the time, travels do not always match our expectations, so we have to adapt our plans along the way. It is sometimes caused by a poor knowledge about the visited region or inaccurate information given by our entourage.
Planning a trip is always tiring and time-consuming, that is why REVA Dreams Travel Agency was founded.

REVA Dreams Travel Agency is an online travel agency which connects you with our best affiliates and ambassadors located worldwide.

Indeed, we do believe in the benefits of the holidays and the ocean on both our mental and physical health. REVA Dreams Travel Agency gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a peaceful trip away from your hectic and stressful life.

Unlike the current trend, Human relationship is for us the key to a tailor-made trip.
At a time where everything is automated, and where time is increasingly scarce for everyone, we do want to make you save your time, and keep everything that makes the difference between the man and the machine : feeling, intuition, reflection, empathy and altruism. We want to make each of your memory unique.

Inspire yourself with some trip ideas we offer and contact us to build together the trip YOU WOULD LIKE.

Our local experts are at your disposal to create your tailor-made travel project. Specialists in their region, they have proven their knowledge about places to visit and activities to do in the country you want to go to. If you’re looking for adventure, idleness in prestigious and original places or cultural immersion, everything you need is with us. We’re going to make your holidays unforgettable.

Take advantage of your holidays to really explore, build and strengthen yourself… come back at your best to face your daily life.

Hugues COCHARD Hugues COCHARD Founder and Director With more than 20 years of experience in business creation and management, Hugues is the founder of Tahiti REVA Dreams Rentals and REVA Dreams Travel.

After having held senior management positions within the Tahiti Nui Travel group (leader of tourist receptions in Polynesia), he developed in 2011 the model of the seasonal rental service that will be launched in 2012.
And who today is developing with glowing feedback from customers.
Portrait flou de Denise FOLITUU Denise FOLITUU Sales Manager Wallis and Futuna Wallisian-born Denise grew up with the Fenua in the middle of the Pacific Islands.

After 2 years of tourism studies in New Caledonia where she will learn to mount tourism projects she went to validate a professional license in France, always in tourism but in conjunction with sustainable development.
Portrait flou - Charles VAYSSIÉ Charles VAYSSIÉ Webmaster Globetrotter and computer enthusiast from an early age Charles has brought his expertise to REVA Dreams Travel since its creation.

From French Polynesia, Canada or Vietnam, his knowledge of the digital tools of yesterday and today is a real plus for the agency that tries by all means to offer a simple, fast and intuitive service.
Benjamin BARDES Benjamin BARDES Technical advisor Passionate about new technologies, he combines his taste for travel, particularly in North America, his knowledge of the world of luxury, with his entrepreneurial skills.

Benjamin brings technical solutions to the problematic solutions of REVA Dreams Travel, especially on the specificities of trips à la carte.
Philippe VAYSSIÉ Philippe VAYSSIÉ Developer Developer of the tailor-made travel creation application and expatriate in French Polynesia, Philippe impresses with his computer skills as much as his knowledge of the region and seaside travels.

After 2 years of relentless development, he is proud to see his tool in the hands of REVA Dreams Travel Agency and our customers all over the planet!
Portrait flou de Moeana Pont Lillo Moeana PONT LILLO Booking agent Passionate about travel and discovery, I know my region like the back of my hand. Fauna, flora, culture and discovery being really important subjects for me, I would like to transmit this knowledge and share it with people wishing to learn more about the history of my native island. I also know perfectly well the essential activities, stories and legends of Tahiti. Maria Peters Vice President A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine.
Hugues COCHARD Portrait de Denise FOLITUU Portrait - Charles VAYSSIÉ Benjamin BARDES Portrait de Moeana Pont Lillo Philippe VAYSSIÉ