The majestic French Polynesia

Among its 118 islands and atolls, you will find the most popular ones which are: Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea…
You will enjoy the tropical climate of French Polynesia, the warmness of its inhabitants as well as the fantastic beaches and landscapes that this extraordinary place has to offer.

Discover the amazing French Polynesia thanks to the luxury villas we proposed to you.

Theme travel

You have a hard time making up your mind, or very little time to spend preparing for your vacation…
Trust the ambassadors de REVA Dreams Travel Agency.

They have composed travel itineraries based on their experiences, knowledge and feedback from our customers.
Each of their compositions are established with the same concern for authenticity and quality.
You will be able to choose in this section among several themes classified by desires, according to your moods, your expectations, your budget, your habits…
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Tailor-made travel

We have designed for you a travel creation tool that will allow you to get a more or less detailed plan of your stay. From your date of arrival and your departure date, you will be free to compose the sandstone of your desires, stages by stages, your own tailor-made trip.

Once established, you can submit it to our agents who will prepare a personalized quote.
You can then choose to get the list of providers of your stay or trust your ambassador to take care of the booking for you, in bonus a travel book detailing your itinerary ready to be printed.

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Vacation location

The travel agency REVA Dreams Travel Agency specializes in holiday rentals by the sea.

Whether you like luxury villas, authentic accommodations, from penthouse to small town apartments, you will find the accommodation that suits you for all occasions.
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