Plage de sable blanc - Polynésie française « Fournisseur de coup de cœur » REVA IMMO, which has become the leading real estate network in French Polynesia, has been on the private, professional and seasonal renting real estate market since 1991. REVA IMMO logo blanc 1th Polynesian real estate network Plage et bateaux - Bretagne REVA Dreams real estate subsidiary in France With a recognized expertise in real estate and an immoderate attraction for innovation, Hugues COCHARD is developing the REVA group on the other side of the planet, in France; Hoping that the high quality services offered to individuals and professionals in the Pacific will please metropolitan residents. REVA Dreams France logo blanc Vietnam REVA Dreams real estate subsidiary in Vietnam Coming from a solid experience of nearly 10 years in the intersection of real estate and high-end tourism, we have developed know-how and a high level of requirement in the sale, rental and property management. REVA Vietnam International Realty logo blanc Lac de Wallis et Futuna REVA Dreams real estate subsidiary in Wallis & Futuna With the solid support and good advice of the Delegation of Wallis and Futuna in French Polynesia, Hugues COCHARD, general manager of the group, traveled to Wallis in early 2017 with the aim of creating the REVA Dreams Wallis & Futuna entity. REVA Wallis & Futuna International Realty logo blanc French Polynesia Wallis & Futuna France Vietnam