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The insatiable traveler that I am has never learned as much as through my distant wanderings, avoiding the classic routes, the beaten paths; opting most often for destinations still preserved from “mass tourism”; sometimes encountering incongruous situations – but each time with a firm will to confront the Unknown in order to pulverize my Parisian routine … because “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all,” as pronounced by my favorite writer Oscar Wilde. And if I choose this quote for this mythical destination, it is not a coincidence … simply obvious!

Indeed, the philosophy of “Carpe-Diem”, implying that one should live today, as if it was the Last, is in fact applied unscrupulously in some islands of this Society. It is without a doubt an invaluable ideal and very poignant in a world that all too often comes with a single precept: “Time is Money”

Arbre - Huahine
Raphael Garden
Apoomatai Fare - Huahine

Polynesia. For even the most ordinary of people, the association is immediately obvious: Paradise”.

No need to have been seduced by the melodies of the singer Jacques Brel, to have read the testimonies of Matisse, contemplated the works of Gauguin… This exotic destination is inscribed from childhood by a series of clichés built in the sedimentation of the stories of explorers, adventures and pirates. The exotic cocktail of the sensual and enticing wahine swaying to the rhythms of the “Tamuré”, their long hair gleaming with tiare oil; seductive seamen tattooed with mythological symbols, determined to rival the gods; virgin and luminescent beaches lined with tropical vegetation; secret untouched corners, w ith lagoons of a thousand and one shades of blue …

Huahine Iti

But, in 2018, beyond the collective fantasy and clichés, does this destination continually hailed by travel agencies still deserve such praise? Judging from my two stays and personal experiences, the answer is … Yes, and Yes again! While I would undoubtedly need 5 lives to visit its 5 archipelagos with 118 radically different faces, I have nonetheless been able to discover some islands that can still boast a preserved intact beauty – such as the sensual Huahiné – and a philosophy that advocates hedonism. In 2018, the legendary Polynesia can still confidently maintain its prime position on the podium of “Dream Destinations”.

Pêche - Villa Vahineria
Yatch café - Huahine
Fleurs - Vahineria

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