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Application de création de voyage sur-mesure

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“Holidays” : that simple word saves my day! 😉 This “life-saving break” punctuated by unique moments that will leave its marks on my heart & soul! And because we are all different, each traveller has specific desires but there’s a common denominator & an unanimous goal: “Satisfaction & Excellence”! With family, friends or alone, we need Emotion! By fascinating & speechless landscapes, a new cultural shock, our 5 senses excited, an intensity that will even distill the idea of staying & giving up our habits ! 😉

Fare Tiki - Moorea

A breathtaking stay that will inevitably plunge us into a deep nostalgia with the need to relive every moments (until exasperate our beloved ones, colleagues & friends 😉 For demanding travellers – such as myself !- we always need the guarantee our future holidays will bring all the Best but organization is often source of problems, annoyances and disappointments ! We can’t avoid this step and it often looks like a devilish Rubik’s Cube ! 😉

Indeed, with thousand (almost) identical suggestions offered by Tour Operators, all the classic organized-stay (without originality!), a lack of time & a bank account we hesitate to break, we’re often victim of a violent headache ! 😉 Happily, REVA Dreams offers me “The panacea” ! Through its smart brand new App, each traveller can build his stay according to his profile & affinities; or choose a trip already created! 100% #Satisfaction in both cases, as Spinoza said : “When something suits our Nature, it is necessarily Good” !

Application REVA Dreams Travel Agency

If REVA Dreams Travel Agency is became a major actor & key reference, it’s not by chance ! Its reputation about Polynesia is totally deserved ! Having regards the complexity of this destination (difficulty of inter-island transfers, a limited choice of hotels in some archipelagos, distance between the islands, lack of taxi service or buses, etc.) its serious experts have proved me a real involvement & a great efficiency ! With their precious & professional advices, I have avoided making stupid mistakes (by naivety & lack of discernment!) such as thinking I can find a taxi just “like that!” or look for an accommodation without having previously booked ! No my friends ! Let’s face it, French Polynesia hasn’t the same logistical facilities as France -which is beyond understanding, I know ! – As I’ve said previously on another article (about Polynesia & Vietnam!) Only an In-situ Professional can be effective & accurate ! That’s why all the REVA Dreams’s team should be proud of its Fame! This agency has answers to all our requests & demands ! For my two previous trips in solo in French Polynesia I wasn’t warned about all small inconveniences… and I remember all the mails I’ve sent them (Indeed, as a prefectionnist I had the need of “perfect vacations”!) and I will thank & praise their kindness & patience forever ! 😉
For this future new journey, it will be totally different ! With this brand new App ! A smart tool will simplify my/your life !

That’s a real “Time saving” Help ! And avove the T-Time Parameter, the most important point: Unicity !
Let’s take the basic analogy of the tailor who’s able to make an outfit comparable to the one spotted on Avenue Montaigne (yes, this lovely tiny dress that costs a kidney ! 😉 he’ll create… much better and unique, and that’s priceless ! (Hum… 200 times less expensive than Avenue Montaigne, I would say 😉
Well, It’s the same here ! With this App, we have two options : select a pre-organized travel or build yourself the “journey of your Dream!”… As the agency made a rigorous & strict selection according to everyone’s tastes & budgets, the algorithm submits several options. And suddenly, Tadaaaaaaaa ! We gradually see our dreams & desires materialized in a clear & specific memo ! A memento with daily schedule of our itinerary, stopovers & transfers, details & photos, addresses of accommodations that match our desires; suggestions for excursions. Remember all the papers & documents used previously ! All those Word and Excel files with budget details, Google Maps, emails, various notes written and lost; and remember that sentence you said with a vey upset tone : “WTF! Where the hell did I put this damn bokking receipt!?” 😉 With this clear memo, no risk of having another nervous breakdown! 😉 In addition, you have the possibility to share it (email and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc) as your travel companions can submit their ideas & suggestions ! #WhatElse? Nothing! You can enjoy your coffee in a Clooney style! 😉

As I mentioned above, my travel can be modified / modulated freely / at will ! If you have the desire to climb up the Pao Pao volcano in Moorea, dive & discover the colourful Rangiroa fauna, meet the whales, book a paragliding flight over the blue lagoons of Huahiné… if our element is Water, Earth or Air, all activities offered by the agency are unlimited ! One click = “A ticket for a dream” ! After that, just create your account online and get a first quotation… You’ll get an answer within 12 hours (time difference required!) and if the total amount seems a little too high, don’t give up ! Make some changes, modulate, modify it until total satisfaction (your Banker will be relieved ! 😉

After that step, a deposit will be required to continue & initiate the final booking process. The rest of the operations belongs to your REVA Dreams’s advisor who will send you a last invoice with a beautiful detailed, documented and illustrated memo, mentioning aircraft schedules, transfers, stopovers, taxis (or car rental), accommodations, excursions, contacts, etc. Everything is scrupulously indicated, without the slightest omission! In paper version & directly on your smartphone, your stay is in good hands & it fits in your hand too !

Plage ferniente vacances

Now it’s time to enjoy your second coffee with a smile of serenity ! I can hear you whispering : “Polynesia-Paradise, here I am !” with assurance this journey will be More-Than-Perfect ! #Hourra #ThanksREVA!

So, what are you waiting for?
1, 2, 3, Click, Go!

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