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Plage et marais - Hiva Oa Journey into the wild islands of Marquesas

The theme of the journey is the discovery of authentic and traditional Polynesia.

Through this journey we will make you discover the beauty of French Polynesia by making you visit islands that will make your stay an unforgettable adventure.

You will have the opportunity to thrive [...]
Bora Bora - Vue du ciel French Polynesia and its blue lagoons
The theme of this trip is the discovery of Polynesia and the islands. Through this journey we will make you discover the beautifulness of French Polynesia by making you visit the most authentic and desired islands. Tahiti? Moorea? Bora Bora? Well, yes, you are not dreaming, that is where [...]
Meeting with the whales Meeting with the whales

Our agency is committed to environmental protection and animal species respect. Going out to meet the whales is a unique experience, but there's some rules to follow. Our agency works in partnership with service providers who comply with regulations set by French Polynesia.