Traveling to French Polynesia is often very complicated for tourists and foreigners with very little information about the region. We offer a themed stay organized by us to discover the most beautiful islands in the Pacific!

The theme of this trip is the discovery of Polynesia and the islands.
Through this journey we will make you discover the beautifulness of French Polynesia by making you visit the most authentic and desired islands. Tahiti? Moorea? Bora Bora? Well, yes, you are not dreaming, that is where we will bring you through this journey.

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Number of people : For 4 people, contact us for a custom-made quote.
Dates (Recommended) : From May to November.
Length : 11 days
Visited islands : 3
Estimated fare * : 2100 Euros per person including a 5-seater car rental – (1900 Euros per person without van renting)

This package includes :
– 7 nights in a holiday home;
– Domestic flights;
– Ferry crossing;
– Activities;
– Personalized PDF travel diary downloadable at will.

* You can whether choose the package with or without the renting on Tahiti and Moorea. The rate is given as an indication and has no contractual value. It may vary depending on the seasons and availability. This theme will serve as the basis for the creation of your stay, you can personalize it. Change the number of people, all the steps, your number of nights, include all your comments, your wants and your desired activities.
Feel free to contact our Ambassadors to uncover all the little secrets of the Polynesian Islands.

Day 1 to 2

Arriving in French Polynesia – Tahiti

IAORANA, MANAVA E MAEVA! (Hello and Welcome!)

Depending on your arrival in Tahiti, fatigue will be felt, which is why on the first day you are free to relax and walk while admiring the different landscapes and sceneries of Tahiti.

You will spend your first night in a 3-star hotel in the heart of downtown Papeete. This place is ideal for visiting the surrounding area, nearby shops and also for eating. The Papeete market will be perfect for you to discover Polynesian cuisine.

Unless you’re willing to spend a week there, during your stay you won’t be able to fully discover the beautiful TAHITI ITI,
you can visit surf spots either visit the heights or go on a lagoon boat trip to admire the legendary and fabulous surf spot of TEAHUPOO. The lush surroundings on the small island of Tahiti will not leave you indifferent.

Day 2 to 5

Tahiti’s sister island, Moorea

After visiting Papeete, it is time to say goodbye to Tahiti and go to meet her sister island, Moorea. You will board on a ferry where you can observe dolphins from the upper deck.
Arriving in Moorea you will have a vehicle to visit the island if you wish.

Moorea (“Yellow lizard” in Tahitian) is the sister island of Tahiti, located 28km from Tahiti by ferry, will surprise you with its breathtaking panoramic views. You will discover the island by 4×4 ATV Safari and admire the colors of our wildlife and its mana. You will stay at your convenience, for 3 days in a furnished Airbnb type accommodation or in a luxury hotel by the sea where you can snorkel and admire the beauty of local marine species.

To fully enjoy nature, we recommend you to visit the Moorea lookout and the Rotui fruit juice factory, a great experience.
The time has come to say goodbye to this beautiful island with your head full of memories and emotions. Your journey ends on this beautiful island, but good news, your adventure does not stop there! It continues on the island of Bora Bora, the pearl of the Pacific.
You will take an inter-island flight that will take you directly to the beautiful island of Bora Bora and fly over the Pacific Ocean for 50 minutes.

Moorea will give you access to the widest range of activities possible.
Diving, snorkeling, jet ski, lagoon excursion, skydiving, dance class, Ni’au braiding, cooking class, 4×4 ATV excursion, e-bike trails or go on a glass-bottom kayak stroll… If there is an island on which you won’t be bored it is for sure on the beautiful island of Moorea.

Day 5 to 8

Bora Bora, Pearl of the Pacific

You have now arrived on the mythical island of Bora Bora. Island so popular for its beauty and activities. Bora Bora nicknamed the Pearl of the Pacific is the most visited island in the South-Pacific. Its beauty is unparalleled, and that is why it is so famous all over the world.

Located 255 kilometers northwest of Tahiti. It has an area of 40km², making it a small island. It is formed by an extinct volcano, and is surrounded by a lagoon absolutely INCREDIBLE!
In addition, Bora Bora is exemplary in terms of environmental protection and makes it a point of honor to safeguard its incredible heritage, including its coral reef.

For 4 days you will have the opportunity to discover the island and to carry out several activities such as diving, skydiving, cruises on lagoons, jet-ski and also safaris in 4×4 ATV. You will stay for 3 nights in a luxury hotel where meals, shows, and activities will be available to satisfy you.

This is how your stay on Bora Bora ends…

What would a trip to Bora Bora be without a snorkeling excursion with local rays, sharks and fish? The marine biodiversity on the island is sublime, you will also have the opportunity to visit the coral gardens in Bora Bora during your snorkeling excursion.

Day 8 to 11

Back in Tahiti

Your return to Tahiti is rich in emotions… Bora Bora has conquered you and you have wonderful memories. Now it’s time to properly visit Tahiti!
This last step will be for you an opportunity to buy souvenirs and also if you wish, why not getting yourself a tattoo in order to immortalize your stay in French Polynesia? You can take advantage of these few remaining days to visit the market of Papeete, the churches, the museums as well as the food trucks in the Vaiete square place for a traditional local style dinner.

If you wish, it will be possible to do some activities like a 4×4 safari truck excursion in the Papenoo valley. You can enjoy a half day or a whole day at the river and discover the Papenoo valley.

If you are in love with nature and surfing you will like to take a tour of the island to visit the best surf spots and meet nature by admiring the bays and panoramic sceneries.

Now your journey to French Polynesia has come to an end…
We are sure French Polynesia and its islands have aroused in you many emotions and unforgettable memories.

We wish you a safe flight back to your country and hope that the entire REVA Dreams Travel Agency Team has been able to accompany you as well as possible… Ma’uru’uru ro’a for your trust.

The journey stops there for you, but the adventure continue…

Feel free to ask our ambassadors your questions about the little secrets of Polynesian Islands.

This package can be custom-made for you.
It is possible to add islands to visit of destinations depending on your wishes : i.e : to shorten or to extend you stay on an island.
You can custom your journey from this theme.

** The accommodation offered is subject to availability at the time of booking
** The estimated budget of this travel package includes transport, transfers, accommodation, 2 activities on Tahiti and 2 activities on the islands of Moorea, for a group of a specific number of people.
International flights and meals are not included.