You will have the opportunity to thrive in the islands of Tahiti, Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa; Visit the "Terre des Hommes" (The Marquesas) and visit the most beautiful landscapes of Tahiti.

The theme of the journey is the discovery of authentic and traditional Polynesia.

Through this journey we will make you discover the beauty of French Polynesia by making you visit islands that will make your stay an unforgettable adventure.

You will have the opportunity to thrive in the islands of Tahiti, Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa; Visit the “Terre des Hommes” (The Marquesas) and visit the most beautiful landscapes of Tahiti.

Number of people : For 4 people, contact us for a custom-made quote.
Dates (Recommended) : From April to November.
Length : 12 days
Visited islands : 3
Estimated fare * : 2500 Euros per person including a 5-seater car rental – (2300 Euros per person without van renting)

This package includes :
– 4 nights in a holiday home;
– Domestic flights;
– Ferry crossing;
– Activities;
– Personalized PDF travel diary downloadable at will.

* You can whether choose the package with or without the renting on Tahiti and Moorea. The rate is given as an indication and has no contractual value. It may vary depending on the seasons and availability. This theme will serve as the basis for the creation of your stay, you can personalize it. Change the number of people, all the steps, your number of nights, include all your comments, your wants and your desired activities.
Feel free to contact our Ambassadors to uncover all the little secrets of the Polynesian Islands.

Day 1 to 3

Arriving in French Polynesia – Tahiti

IAORANA, MANAVA E MAEVA! (Hello and Welcome!)

Here you are in Polynesia! After this long flight, you will be free so you can relax and recover from it. You can also walk around admiring the different landscapes of Tahiti…
The stay in the Marquesas Islands we offer you is a trip that will totally blow your mind. You will be at the heart of nature to visit the main sites and mythical landscapes of the islands in order to make yourself wonderful memories.

You will spend your 2 nights in a beautiful apartment in the heart of downtown Papeete. This place is ideal for visiting the surrounding area, nearby shops and also for eating. The Papeete market will be ideal for you to discover Polynesian cuisine and discover the various restaurants, bars and food trucks of the city of Papeete.
The next day you can board on a Papeete tour by small train to learn more about the city center and to also discover the popular and forgotten stories of the capital…
Enjoy the rest of the day for lunch. At the Papeete market you fill find a variety of local cooked dishes as well as sandwiches that will make you discover new exotic flavors.
Your last day in Tahiti before going on an adventure for the Marquesas has come. You can take time to relax at the pool or in the hotel and pack up your luggage for the breathtaking adventure to the Marquesas.

It’s D-Day! Grab your luggage and head to the airport for your flight to the beautiful Marquesas islands.

Day 3 to 7

Nuku Hiva – Wild beauty

Nuku Hiva is a Polynesian volcanic island of 324 square kilometers. Near 3,000 in habitants live there. The island is mostly known for its lush vegetation and its cool and crystal-clear waterfalls.

You will spend your 4 nights in a luxury resort with amazing views. The swimming pool, the bar and the restaurant will be there to delight you and to fully satisfy your taste buds with the local cuisine.
If you would like to have a rental car during your stay, please let us know and we will take care of it.

The walks along the beach will be ideal to admire the ocean in the late afternoon for sunsets. During you trip we will make you discover the Marquesas ad authentically as possible by organizing typical activities such as horseback riding in the mountains and on the beach.

You will have the opportunity to glimpse the beauty of this wild island through horseback riding on plains and mountains. As the fauna and flora is very diverse, you are going to observe many local species. Whether they are terrestrial or aquatic, you’ll find them in caves and grottos.
When you visit the Toovii plain or the Nuku Hiva Grand Canyon, you will be amazed by the view of the heights that dominate the island.
Depending on your excursions and tours, you will be able to choose the type of transportation you want. It can be by foot, off-road truck or by horseback riding. In addition, a multitude of activities is possible such as visiting ancient archaeological sites, taking a bath in the bay of Anaho, exploring around the island with a guide and driver. You will learn the stories and legends of the island of Nuku Hiva.
Apart from the idyllic landscapes, the island’s population is warm and attached to its culture and traditions. Which is why the island highlights local crafts such as sculpture, culinary art and tattooing. What would a trip to the Marquesas be without buying any souvenir? Take advantage of being on site to bring some souvenirs home such as wood or stone sculpture.
If you are more into art, why not getting yourself a small tattoo, which will remind you forever you trip to French Polynesia, and especially to the Marquesas? The choice is yours.

It is now time to leave Nuku Hiva and head to Hiva Oa to continue your journey.

Day 7 to 9

Hiva Oa (Marquesas Islands)

The journey continues for you on the island of Hiva Oa, the main island of the southern Marquesas.
After a little 45-minute flight, you’ve finally arrived.
Hiva Oa is located 1,184 km northeast of Tahiti. Charm and strength are the sensations this island inspires with its incredible relief and beautiful black sand beaches.

The green colored valleys host impressive archaeological sites where the largest “Tiki” of French Polynesia stays.
During you trip on Hiva Oa you will stay in a nice, charming and relaxed guesthouse that will welcome you as Polynesian people do. You can enjoy the pool available at the accommodation for late afternoon sunset watching or just for relaxing.
You will visit some of the island’s most incredible, iconic and historic places and also go to places where some of the French past celebrities have spent their lives in while living in the Marquesas.
You will continue your visit to the north of the island by visiting the smiling Tiki, passing close to the ancient volcano and the stone of sacrifices. The visit to the north of the island will continue after a few short stops and will end a little later on a famous archaeological site of Hiva Oa.
And to end you stay in style you can go for an electric bike ride or by car to explore the other parts of the island. 

The time for you to leave this beautiful island had come to an end. It is the moment to head back to Tahiti in order to continue the journey.

Day 8 to 11

Back in Tahiti

On your return to Tahiti you can enjoy a tour of the island and discover the beautiful landscapes and views of Tahiti such as the Taravao viewpoint, the mythical surf spot of Teahupoo, the beach of Taharu’u, Vaipahi Water Gardens and some more…

You will go for a day on an off-road 4×4 excursion in the Papenoo Valley and do the Papenoo-Mataiea crossing with an experienced guide who will tell you the legends and stories of the valley. You will make stops at the grandiose panoramas with views of waterfalls. You will be in total immersion in nature and you will even have the opportunity to enjoy a swim in the beautiful river and the sumptuous “blue” lake of Vaihiria. You will cross the island through the center. So, get ready for the adventure and take with you a change of clothes, food and drink to enjoy this 100% nature activity…

You will not be disappointed by this nature experience which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful to live during a stay in French Polynesia and specifically in Tahiti.

The Papenoo valley being emblematic for all the locals and residents of Tahiti is a very common and coveted place. That is the reason why we decided to make you live this whole experience. So that you keep this off-road excursion tour in memory for all your life.

Now you are at the end of your journey in French Polynesia…
All the good things come to an end. We are sure this trip in Polynesia and its islands have aroused in you many emotions and unforgettable memories. You will have had the opportunity to flourish in the islands of Tahiti, Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa. You will have visited the “Man’s Land” (Marquesas) and visited the most beautiful landscapes throughout your stay. We hope you enjoyed your trip and that the experiences you have had have lived up to your expectations.

We wish you a happy return and hope that the entire team of Reva Dreams Travel agency has been able to accompany you as well as possible…

Ma’uru’uru ro’a for your trust.

The journey stops there for you, but the adventure continues…


Feel free to ask our ambassadors your questions about the little secrets of Polynesian Islands.

This package can be custom-made for you.
It is possible to add islands to visit of destinations depending on your wishes : i.e : to shorten or to extend you stay on an island.
You can custom your journey from this theme.

** The accommodation offered is subject to availability at the time of booking
** The estimated budget of this travel package includes transport, transfers, accommodation, 2 activities on Tahiti and 2 activities on the islands of Moorea, for a group of a specific number of people.
International flights and meals are not included.