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“Increase life expectancy” that timeless challenge that will never stop to disturb philosophers, doctors and scientists all over the world …and all humans! Our relentless determination to control our main enemy: Time ! This merciless bastard (oops, sorry !;) this ferocious God who pursues his inexorable mission without a tiny slightest compassion ! Well, I’ll not philosophize here about T Unit (it would take me 9 lives to dive into Einstein, Reeves and Hawking works) but I’ll take my time – precisely! – to celebrate and honor these blessed moments called “Holidays” Why? Guys, it makes sense! Vacations help you to preserve this priceless Legacy that has been offered at your birth ! Traveling isn’t only great for your mental health but for your physical wellbeing too; taking at least 3 weeks vacation each year can extend your life expectancy!

We all know that Holiday are an absolut Anti-stress and we all know the power of its 3 syllables ! Beneficence, bath of youth, relaxation, and the most suitable (too me!) Revival ! This ability that some living beings have to “be reborn for life” after an extreme period (harsh climate, stress, etc.) is something I often observe in the “Jardin des Plantes”, my pretty garden/ haven of peace in the heart of Paris! In that small green “lung” made up of 1001 species, we can find the most senior member of the garden, an 315-year-old Asian Pistachio tree and every season I sit under its comforting shades & whispering : “Ah! If I could be like you! Life Force that defies Time!”

Plage ferniente vacances


Travel Therapy = Clean your soul & body!

If cosmetic surgery can keep up appearances, the most important thing is…to save what is not!
2 weeks of vacation is the guarantee of a small rebirth, a renewed energy! The “counters” of our motors at “zero”. It’s like a refresh / reset process! Our brain & body cleaned from the dirt accumulated during the year! The Vacations factor has many virtues, and more compared to a (fake) anti-ageing serum; a (crazy) diet, or a DHEA cream with an (noxious) vitamin cocktail !

So, even if I don’t have the strength of an Asian Pistachio tree, even if I don’t have this precious gift of spontaneous regeneration -like the Turritopsis Nutricula, this amazing small jellyfish that has the ability to reverse the aging process – and even if you think my appetite for “Vacation” is indecent… the facts are the facts! Taking 3 breaks per year is more than advisable, especially when you live in a city overrun by pollution, noise & stress!

Bain dans le lagon

According to a 40-year scientific study conducted in Finland, a lack of holidays is associated with an increased risk of premature death & offset all efforts to have a healthier lifestyle! The Dalai Lama would not hesitate to add: “Men lose their health to accumulate money; then they lose their money to regain health“. Two facts that should encourage you to get your vacations, without restraint or guilt ! Moreover, if we believe the centenarians who live in Okinawa in southwest Japan, like those in Ikaria – Greece, there is no mystery or magic to avoid senescence! Their longevity is explained not only by a highly iodized and aerated climate, a healthy and light diet, but also 2 decisive common denominators: a total control of Stress & a full understanding of Time… A way of thinking that totally escapes us!


Offline is the new Luxury !

In a world governed by Time & Money, to the detriment of Time and Reflection, the french writter Bernard Werber says: “Work gives wrinkles and considerably reduces life expectancy”… and against all expectations, I protest ! No, it is not so much “work” wich is responsible for premature ageing, but resigning oneself to an activity that does not correspond to us or no longer satisfies us ! Indeed, by putting “Duty” before “Desire” and by persisting in the denial of a sclerosing situation, we are paying for an accelerated deliquescence! Frustration, depression, burnout, cardiovascular diseases, cancers.

Sorry we are closed

The french singer Henri Salvador said with irony “Work is health! But do nothing is to keep it” and only a millionaire artist can afford such an extreme…humor! 😉 As for me, I’ve decided to follow Confucius’ advice: “Choose a job you love and you won’t have to work a single day of your life“… A real luxury, I admit it ! But it’s the perfect definition of personal development!  Work is no longer perceived as a constraint but a pleasure & a Game! A rare privilege, indeed; so even if we are forced to be 100% of the time in “ON” mode, we must impose a real break, a real OFF! For our health, we must Disconnect. Log out ! It’s a human right and even a law (*) now in France! Starting from the philosophy there’s a “a time for Everything”, holidays have their place in this great  Everything – which is life ! So, Come on, dont’ hesitate to be … offline!


Take it Slow! Adopt the “Slow Travel” trend !

Stop and smell the ocean

We live in a culture that stigmatizes “slowness” often associated with “laziness” but it is a necessary “speed” for our brain which has several dynamic states like sleep phases, it must be alternated. And above the fact that your brainpower/grey matter – which turns to intense black!

look at you in a mirror after 5 busy days , your head stuffed by private problems and professional constraints! What do you see? A colourful Phoenix or a miserable plucked chicken? 😛

If you’re not able to change your rhythm of life, it’s about time to think about it! Start by adopting this holiday trend called “Slow tourism”! …I’ve been practicing it for a long time.

If you’re not able to change your rhythm of life, it’s about time to think about it! Start by adopting this holiday trend called “Slow tourism”! …I’ve been practicing it for a long time.
As soon as I leave Paris, I glorify & embrace the notion of Slow! The rabbit inside me becomes a turtle with the desire to “stretch” time, to fragment & reduce it to an “elastic” abstraction as each minute seems as infinite! I forbid myself any program established in advance, I ignore all duties / schedules imposed by others, I live according to my desires, under the guidance of the moon or solar time. My goal is achieved when -slumped on my beach towel, a hammock or a deck chair, such as a salamander in regeneration process;) I ask myself : “But by the way, what day is it?!” …That simple question proves me that I have disconnected from my Parisian rhythm. I am in the moment, Totally & Fully ! As Marcel Proust geniously said: “When the barriers of time are broken, lost time finally becomes regained time”
Take it slow

By the way, this must be the tenth time that I see you looking at this lovely villa I’ve mentioned in my article about Brittany! This house located in the charming village of Plœmeur, isn’t it time to book it ? 😉

Jardin Littorine - Bretagne
Salon Littorine - Bretagne

Indeed, as Jean Racine would have said: “Today, let us make haste to enjoy life. Who knows if we will be tomorrow?

Amen ! #CarpeDiem

(*) The “Right to Disconnection”, beyond the legal texts, is a principle according to which an employee is entitled not to be connected to professional digital tools (mobile phones, emails, etc.) outside working hours: holidays, rest periods, weekends, evenings, etc. France is the first country to have integrated the “right to disconnection” into the framework of the “Labour Law”). Since 1 January 2017, the right to disconnect obliges companies with more than 50 employees to reach a company agreement on managing employee availability outside working hours.

*Reminder: If you want to book the Villa Littorine follow this link :

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